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  • Website design and hosting.

    Get a professional website at a minimum cost of R2 990.00, website that present your personal life or business operations.

  • Graphics design.

    We design graphics that met your visuals perception. We also ensure that we design graphics that met your verbal presentation.

  • Supply computer peripherals.

    We supply desktops, laptops, servers, printers, LAN cables, UPS, web cameras, telephones, cellphones, routers, USB, USB hub, cartridges, and many more..


We visit any offices around South Africa to help with any ICT technical and software problems, Contact us.


We do migration at your offices for your satisfaction. Copy all existing data to your new computers.

Network & wifi setup

We provide devices communication such as many computers printing on one network printer.


We subscribed for website design, we are happy with services we aquired from Super Harder because they help us any time and they service to our satisfaction.

MF Investment | Dr Manafi | Director.